Edward V Tribal
“Hang on a moment, Bruces and Sheilas, just a little tweak here, a little magic there, and the odd bit of explosive powder, and…Done! May I present, Apocalypse Armor!”

Born: 1229 (Age 22)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150 lb.
Alignment: Good
Deity Avandra/Ioun


The son of Zecht Tribal, big things were expected of him, especially from his father, the Great Zecht. He expected a son as strong as him, a son that he could be proud of. But no, the fates had in it for Zecht, as Edward possessed not brawn, but brains. His strength was mediocre, and instead of working out his body at the gym, he preferred to work his brain. He made several little inventions and trinkets growing up, but nothing he did could ever impress his father, as all he knew was might.

The day his father disappeared, Edward's hate towards him grew, he believed he abandoned him and his mother, Elaine, because of Edward's own weakness. More than ever, he wished he was strong instead of smart. But again, the fate's did not like Edward, as much as they didn't like his father. A few months after Zecht's disappearance, Elaine died of illness, and with nobody to blame, Edward blamed his father, calling him a coward.

Not 2 weeks after his mother's death, the mother of all storms reached his peaceful little island home, infused with arcanic power, it tore the island to shreds, killing and destroying everything in its path. He tried to run, fear alive in his eyes, but the storm easily overtook him and picked him up, tumbling uncontrollably in midair, Edward blacked out. When he awoke, he was in an infirmary on a country called Lavanda. His smarts finally began to come in handy as before he told anyone who he was, he discovered where he was, and what had happened. Apparently a large storm rolled into Lavanda the other night, sinking a couple ships and leaving a few people injured, and Edward was found among the injured, but no one else from his island was.

He faked amnesia to avoid any prying questions that he didn't want to answer and discovered that an island with the same name as his was destroyed over 500 years ago, so from a little further research he discovered his island home was in a pocked within the Elemental Chaos, and that only now has he lived in the Natural World. Ed recalled the night his father disappeared, there was another storm, but of weaker strength, and concluded Zecht must have ended up somewhere in this world as well, and Edward was determined to find him. But to do that, he needed money, of which he had none, so he worked on the street, doing odd jobs for 6 months until he earned enough to buy a small little shop where he put his knowledge to the test and made the store an Alchemic landmark in Lavanda. Along with his parrot-sounding raven familiar, Edgar, Edward has lived somewhat peacefully in Lavanda, gradually saving up money for him to find his father, and settle the score.

One day a rich and powerful merchant walked into Ed & Ed's Alchemical Services asking to buy several of his wares. Suspicious, Edward learned this merchant was from Bishk, and that he would use his wares for evil purposes. He could not sell this man his wares, but he could not turn him away, so, being the hothead that he is, gave the man fake wares, something he would soon regret. He was imprisoned, and just before his sentence was finished, a prison riot occurred, taking over the prison and killing most of the guards. Edward fled into a back room, where he fortified himself, finding enough material to continue his work, and laid the hallway leading to his room with trap after trap after trap.

With his scythe and Edgar accompanying him, Edward braced himself for the worst, and just when he thought it had come, it turned out to be a ragtag group of adventurers bumbling into his room. They introduced themselves as Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan, Peregrine Toque, Belarin Urthador, and Boris Hans Gruber. Friendlies! At long last! So Edward temporary decided to team up with TTC so that they could escape together, and just as they were getting ready to go, ANOTHER person came bumbling into his room, but this time through the wall…

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