Duran Duran
You can never have too many weapons


Duran, born in a bar in lower Osgard grew up fending for himself as his father was a poor ass bartender and his mother is unknown. He never saw either of his parents after about 3 years of age. As he grew older and stronger, he apparently joined the militia and served in it for several years. Not much has been revealed about Duran from that point other than that he isn’t welcome in Osgard anymore. Duran has joined a group of misfits that wander the planes of Ashan and kill undead and some other things. He’s pretty buddy buddy with the parties new found leader, Mr. Buck, has already killed Mr. Touque (sp?) once and hates Marcellius due to his raping of innocent (albeit pacifist bitch) women.

Duran is currently in charge of a dwarvish resistance force, his primary goal is to reform the government the runs the once great city of Osgard and bring it back to its former glory. His first act under command was to commandeer the proud ship, Angel’s Marrow. After rescuing the Tiki Company from the treacherous grips of a Balor he returned them safely to Winterhaven, then left in the dead of night


Dwarf fighter

LVL: 3
HP: 35
Intiative: +4

AC: 19
Fort: 17
Ref: 14
Will: 14

Str: 16
Con: 14
dex: 14
Int: 11
Wisdom: 15
cha: 10

-Blood-crazed halberd
-Regular halberd
-Great axe
-some magic great axe
-bastard sword
-5x throwing axes
-Horned helm
-Full blade
-Blood b. axe
-Luck blade war axe


Reaping strike

Bull Charge
Spinning sweep

Villains menace

Shrewd repositioning

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