Dr. Leto Lumos Light
"You're bleeding because you don't floss."

Player: Ironykins
Born: 975 (Age 25)
Race: Vishkanya
Theme Song


Leto was born of a terrible baron, a Vishkanya bloodlord named Salizar Sardaukar who led his legions with an iron fist. His mother was Lady Gesserit, a noble and concubine of Sardaukar. Leto was the na-baron, destined to follow in his father's footsteps. But he didn't want such a life. He wanted something different. He wanted to be a dentist.

His father, naturally, did not support this life decision. Leto was grounded, and it took all of his combat and stealth training to escape. With little coin in his pocket, he hitchhiked his way to Goothum, where he took out a massive student loan and enrolled in the Shining Tooth Academy, the biggest dental school in Ashan. (The only dental school in Ashan.)

Sadly, the student life was something he was ill prepared for. In the third year of his program, Leto was expelled for accidentally sneezing into a patient's mouth. This would have been bad enough, had it not been for the fact that Leto's Vishkanya heritage carried with it the "gift" of poisonous blood and saliva. His patient died, and he was branded a criminal, charged with manslaughter. He managed to weasel his way out of a sentence, but is now in debt thousands of gold to the banks, for bail and student loans.

When Leto thought his life couldn't get any worse, he met a mysterious stranger; a dark-skinned, well dressed vagabond on the hunt for justice. His name was Barnabus Jones. They met in a Pub, when Leto overheard the stranger complaining about a toothache. Despite his gratuitous self doubt, he attempted a procedure. It was his first successful one. Barnabus thanked him, and repaid him by helping him escape the loan collectors, as well as the city of Goothum.

As it turned out, Barnabus was a professional adventurer, and, at least for Leto, that title carried the implication of plundering hordes of treasure. Leto joined the man in his wayward wanderings, hoping to earn enough of a share to pay off his sizable debts.


"When he took away my tools, I started practicing with knives. That's one of the only things I did that my dad approved of."

Leto and Barnabus have gotten into their share of unsavory adventures. Their latest of which got them chased out of the (Currently) great city of Almernae. They heard talk of a high-paying job from the Mage's guild that was looking for a group of hardy and intrepid adventurers. Leto, after much begging and pestering, finally convinced Barnabus to check it out.

Being the son of a Vishkanya baron, Leto had been taught the ways of deceptive combat. He would never be caught without quick access to several light blades, and his medical training has made him an expert in anatomy. He knows exactly where to cut to deliver the most pain.

Leto wears a plague doctor's mask, along with a floppy black hat and cloak. This is partially because it is effective protection, partially to protect others from his toxic blood, and partially because he believes it makes him like The Masked Musketeer, a children's storybook hero with a secret identity.

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