Dr. Leonard Crowley
"I can remember all of them, you know. Every single life I've lived; every single moment of an eternity. I've been the hero, the villain, the king, the peasant, the servant, the master. Who am I know? Frankly, I'm the man who doesn't give a damn."

Born: 1215 (Age: 36)
Race: Samsaran
Class: Alchemist

The Early Years - A Meritocracy

For as long as Crowley can remember, he's had to work to survive. Born with little physical strength, not enough dexterity to wield a blade, the talent to weave spells, or even a proper singing voice, at a young age he turned to the science of alchemy. If he couldn't make his way through life with powerful spells or brute force, then he would use his brain. Potions, mutagens, concoctions that not even the most daring scientist would make… all were fair game for the budding alchemist.

But even since birth, he knew he was different from the rabble around him. Born with a pale blue tint to his skin and a listless whiteness to his eyes, Crowley stood out from his brothers and sisters at the port-town of Rabanastre, central hub of trade in the land of Aetheria. His parents and siblings shunned him for his differences. After all, what kind of life was fishing? Crowley wanted more, and he would find a way to liberate himself from his peasantry shackles. As a civil war raged throughout the country, Crowley was wise to keep his head down. What point was there in getting involved in a war?

Well, except for the obvious route of making underground crafts to sell to the highest bidder.

It wasn't until after he heard rumours of the empire looking for something called a "Samsaran" did Crowley become curious. The being they were looking for was described as having blue skin, white hair, and white, pupil-less eyes. After a little digging, Crowley learned all he needed to.

The empire would pay a handsome sum for his capture.

It took all of four minutes for Crowley to decide to get out of dodge. With an exchange of coin and after a few days' wait, Crowley was on a boat bound for the country of Ashen, far away from the madness of the war.

Yet his madness was only just beginning.

Reliving the Past

"I swear, all the voices in my head combined with the sheer stupidity of you lot will drive me to the brinks of my sanity. Fuck, where's my damn coffee."

A new land, a new start, same old problems. Much to Crowley's disappointment, all of the inhabitants of Ashen were as droll and moronic as those in the land he left behind. And on top of that, it was boring. All that changed, however, when Crowley started experiencing frequent migraines and bizarre dreams so vivid that he swore he lived them. He grumbled on for a few months, drowning the pain and foregoing sleep via copious amounts of tea with precariously high amounts of sugar. For a time, this worked, though his work began to suffer.

Eventually, it all became too much to bear, and in one last mind-shattering headache, it all came back to him. His heritage as a samsaran became apparent, and with it came memories of his past lives. Most samsarans only catch glimpses of their past lives to preserve their sanity. For Crowley, however, because he repressed his memories for so long, every single detail of every one of his past lives burned their way onto Crowley's mind. For a time, he was comatose, his body and mind trying to cope. When he awoke, he was much the same, save for a white streak that now runs through his once pure-brown hair.

If life in Ashen wasn't boring to Crowley before, it was now nothing short of unbearable. He'd lived it all, he'd done it all, so what was left for him in this life? Taking his own life would solve nothing, as he would simply be born anew.

Unsatisfied with the world, Crowley left the port city he had taken up residence in, and after a time, fell in league with a gunslinger and a child of a ranger. Together, they planned and carried out (but always failed) at several different heists. It wasn't long before Crowley took up a cigarette addiction simply to cope with their bumbling, adding onto his tea and later coffee addictions.

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