Doctor John Smith
“Hello, I’m the Doctor. This is Hairy, he’s with me.”

Born: 1204
Deity Ioun
Theme Song


Little is known about his past, but ever since he started adventuring, he constantly introduces himself as “The Doctor.” When people as “Doctor Who?” he replies with John Smith. He seems to avoid talking about his past, and quickly changes the subject when it is brought up, and when it is, a dark look and a flicker of anger come into the Doctor’s eyes, completely altering the normally cheerful and friendly wizard.

He travels about from place to place, never staying in one spot for too long, but constantly finds himself back in Ashen amongst his travels, leading those who know him best to believe that he once lived on the small continent in his youth. People come and go with the Doctor, and throughout his travels he makes new friends, and always new enemies. Something about his personality certain people just don’t seem to like. Despite his carefree attitude and seemingly clueless nature, Doctor John Smith is in reality a very knowledgeable man, very wise, very perceptive, and very, very clever.

Currently, he is again traveling throughout Ashen, running into new people, making new friends, new enemies, and running a lot more than ever. He is traveling with a shifter shaman by the name of “Hairy,” and together the two have already found themselves in a few troubling and dangerous situations.

D&D 4E Stats

Ability Scores:
Strength - 10
Constitution - 12
Dexterity - 17
Intelligence - 20
Wisdom - 15
Charisma - 4

AC - 21
Fortitude - 18
Reflex - 22
Will - 21

At-Will Powers
Ghost Sound
Magic Missile
Scorching Burst
Ray of Frost

Encounter Powers
Empowering Lightning
Fire Shroud
Twist of Space

Daily Powers
Acid Arrow
Horrid Whispers
Bigby's Icy Grasp
Phantasmal Assailant

Utility Powers
Expenditious Retreat
Feather Fall
Dispel Magic

Seriously, too many to list here

Breaching Cloth Armor - Level 8
Master's Wand of Eldritch - Level 8
Bowtie of Resolution - Level 7

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