Corona Vox
"Who am I you ask? I have many names, many faces. Why am I following an insane 16-year old who thinks she's king of everything and a homicidal bard with a split personality? You got me."

Born: 1641 (Age 23)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lb.
Deity: Sehanine
Theme Song


Being born a changeling in a society that resents their shapeshifting abilities, Corona grew up on the run, never staying one place for more than a few months, altering her appearance every time she and her mother, Trudia, entered a new town or city. She never knew her father, as he was caught and killed by a mob of angry citizens. As her hectic lifestyle continued onwards, Corona adapted and developed skills in thievery, lying, and burglary.

Learning from her mother, she also greatly developed her changeling shapeshifting powers, and after being separated from her mother in the forest, she came upon a small encampment of druids, an old people who had nearly gone extinct. The leader of the gruip, Silva, could sense Corona's true identity immediately, and so, over the next few days, he taught her the basics of what the druids believed in, and through this she learned to shapeshift not only into different people, but into animals as well.

This new skill under her belt, Corona left the druids in the night and found her mother on the outskirts of the forest. After a brief explanation of what had happened they continued on their way. As the years progressed, Corona became more and more skilled in the art of thievery, putting her shapeshifting prowess to good use. This continued until they reached a particularly small village, then the world ended for Corona Vox.

*What Happened?*
Corona awoke in a wide plain, the only memories of late being that of a burning village, her mother's dead body, and an elf in tribal warpaint standing over her mother's body, a bloodthirsty gleam in his eyes. She has committed herself to find the truth, and exact her revenge, even if it means suffering the presence of "Her Kinglyness" The Glorious Monarch and her deluded grandeur.

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