Coheed Jones
“How may I serve you… friend?”

Born: 951 (Age 298, but appears to be in his 80's, which isn't old for a Tiefling.)
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Little is know about Coheed Jones. His place of birth is a mystery, as is the true identity of his parents. Some say he was spawned from the fires of the infernal himself, while others believe that he is a manifestation of Asmodeous. Still others think that he is a mere mortal, and nothing more than a powerful wizard.

According to the archives in Gootham's arcane tower, Coheed seems to have just suddenly entered the historical rat race, as an adult Tiefling, already wielding immense magical power. The legitimacy of these sources has been called into question, as he is first exploits are recorded to have taken place at least two hundred years ago, and he is still walking around to this day.

It is rumored that Coheed is also a womanizer. Investigators from the Arcane tower managed to track down a woman named Erica Court, who claims to have loved Coheed at one point in time. She agreed to be interviewed, and recalled, with much difficulty, that she had been cast out by Coheed as soon as she bore his child. He left her, never to be seen again, and took her baby with him. The investigators speculate that Coheed wishes to spread his seed, and give birth to as many offspring as he can.

It should also be noted that Coheed has been known to grant wishes to those that come to him for help, though he does so at a high price, and finds amusement in twisting them. About 100 years ago, a poor beggar arrived at Coheed's doorstep and begged to help him turn his life around. Coheed laughed, and told the beggar that he personally make sure that the beggar was showered in wealth, and then heartily clapped him on the back.

Three days later, the beggar was found in a backstreet in Gootham. He had evidently been pelted to death by a large number of gold coins that seemingly fell from the sky. The investigators confiscated the coins as evidence.

Another instance, not quite as long ago, occurred when a philosopher arrived on Coheed's doorstep and boldly told him "I grow weary of this cruel life! If there is a shred of good within you, I urge you to use your power so that I will never have to see the wretched injustice of this world again!" Coheed told him that his wish would be granted, and the next day, the philosopher found that he had been blinded. Due to instances like these, making a deal with Coheed has been compared to making a pact with a demon.

While the investigators have not been able to pinpoint his location of residence, they believe that he resides in a fortress at the foothills of the Gomezian mountains. Search parties have not had any success in finding this place.

The investigators mysteriously ceased their search when they learned of a Tiefling named Wilward Jones, and inquired as to whether or not Coheed was his father.

It wasn't until The Tiki Company's campaign to find Alexis Machine that information about Coheed Jones was brought to light.

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