Claudio Jones
“I’ll be taking that, if nobody’s here to object.”

Game System: D&D 4E
Born: 1224 (Age 27)
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Claudio was another of Coheed's children. As with Wilward, Claudio never knew his mother. Wilward left when Claudio was only five years old, so he didn't know his half-brother very well either. He grew up roaming the land with Coheed until he was abandoned by his father at age 15. Claudio took up a life as a petty thief residing in Gootham. He was occasionally employed by shopkeepers and merchants, much like other thieves.

On one fateful day, Claudio was visited in his dreams by a powerful fey spirit. He formed a pact with the being and was granted mysterious powers. The spirit guided him during his night heists, and granted him the ability to disappear and travel silently.

Claudio, unlike his half-brother, has a concept of good and evil, and shows some compassion for others, but doesn't generally have much respect for the law. His philosophy is generally to leave the innocent alone, neither going out of his way to help them, nor exploiting them heavily.

He speaks with an English accent, probably due to the people he interacted with during his early days.

Claudio is a Tiefling, and as such has dark red skin, long and matted black hair, and a set of solid red eyes. His horns twist backwards and around the sides of his head, much like his half-brother Wilward.

He has a strange tattoo on his left shoulder. It has been there as long as he can remember.


One night, during a robbery, Claudio found that his powers had left him, and he was helpless and alone without the spirit's guidance. He was caught by a night guard, and sent directly to jail. The spirit returned to him in the cell, and told him that his capture was destined to happen. It also spoke of a duo of adventurers that would release him from prison and lead him to his ultimate purpose.

It seems that the spirit's intentions will soon become clear to Claudio.

After meeting Baztok Huin Shuin Leejuin and Gustaf Bjorn Lyngstrad and breaking out of prison with them, Claudio is certain that they are the adventurers that his guiding spirit spoke of. They have formed a group and are currently traveling from town to town, doing good deeds wherever they go.

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