Boris Hans Gruber
wOuLD yOU LiKE FriES wITH thaT??


Borris grew up in a Goliath mountain town south of winterhaven. From a young age he was put in the ring of combat to do battle in an arena environment. His father Mel, was the battle CO of their village, and as a result Borris learned to fight in open combat, and how to survive in hostile environments for extended periods of time. On his 17th birthday he was put into the military and fought in battles against other Dwarven and Kobald clans. As acustom to Borris’ clan on ones 25th birthday he would be forced to go live the trials of the world for a 5 year period, if he survived he could return to the clan and raise a family. In the year since he left he’s traveled around ashen aimlessly looking for some companionship.

He joined The Tiki Company, and fought alongside them during their campaign in Lavanda. He was slain during the final battle.

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