Belarin Vladislaus
"Whatever it takes to keep things in balance, this world must not tip towards either end of the spectrum."

Born: 1203 (Age 48)
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 170 lb.


Belarin has no memory of anything prior to a few weeks ago. The extend is the corrupt Osgardian government using him as a tool, making him do tasks that no other will do simply because he will obey. His escape was granted pardon by the Angel’s Marrow only a matter of days ago. His mentor of Duran is only as old as his freedom, yet he follows every word and is now traveling under the company in order to gain prowess within the outside world. Increasing unrest about a lingering feeling regarding his amulet is leading to suspicions and theories behind it’s possession, but leaving it until the task at hand is completed would be best.

Post-Bishkan war

Belarin partook in the campaign against the Bishkan empire, and afterwards, went his own way to try to figure out the mysteries of his past. As it turns out, he was the King of Ontas, and he ruled with his wife Elizabeth Vladislaus, until she was assassinated by one Kathleen Jones. Upon his return, Belarin found that his two children, Inphyy Ylliana and Thoros Darkbane were also missing.

In a period of intense mourning, Belarin swore his revenge, and seized control of his empire once again. Production was doubled, though lives were lost. He learned that The Allbright Family was to blame for the demise of his family, and hired the assassin Alexis Machine to deal with their daughter.

After thwarting Machine, The Tiki Company paid him a visit in Ontas, and found his help without any bloodshed. To this day, Belarin has maintained his position on the throne.

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