Baztok Huin Shuin Leejuin
“Peace, rove, and freedom. Those are my three wishes to this worrd, but you now what the problem is. You broke arr three and for that, I am going to make you feer the hard ground with your face”


Baztok Huin Shuin Leejuin was born in Qulin Palace, inside the Gomezian Mountains. Raised as a fighter, a peace keeper and a spiritual person. He mostly believed in himself, rather then the gods looking over him. He was trained to protect himself from harm, survive in difficult situations and knowing the natural environment around him. He would also sneak into private lessons that taught others like him, to be stealthy and stick in the shadows. Since his family bloodline was mostly stricken to be a protector of the Temple, but he was mostly interested in stealth combat. As he grew older, he began learning the ways of controlling his spiritual behavior. Of when to rage into the enemy, and when to stay calm. Walking down cold mountains paths and smelling the fresh air is what he always did during the daytime. Until he found a kid lying in a snow path. He immediately brought him to the Palace, as all the monks began to try to break his cold and get him back on his feet. Baztok raised and trained the young boy in his care.

Baztok, unlike the rest of his monistary, has a sence of dark humor and to tend to annoy everyone. While still knowing good and evil, but doesnt respect the monk code. His philosophy is generally is, if they hit you hard, hit them harder, and don’t forget to laugh about it in the end.

He speaks with an racist Asian accent, probably due to the fact he is Asian

Baztok is a Human, and as such has yellow tanned skin, and is bold.


One night, while visiting Gootham and getting into a bar fight over water. Baztok found himself in jail. There he meet Claudio Jones who he escaped with piss and reunited with his bar fighting buddy Gustaf Bjorn Lyngstrad. As they all worked together. Their differences became a friendship that took them on adventures and mishaps. They are currently traveling from town to town, doing good deeds wherever they go.

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