Barnabus Jones
By all means, justice is giving to each his own. I've been wronged, and I'm just looking to right that wrong.

Player: Time_Tiki
Born: 927 (Age 73)
Race: Tiefling
Class: Witch
Theme Song


Barnabus was born in the slums of a ruined city of Kathmandu, the northernmost province of Aetheria. His mother and father killed at the start of the Grand Tiefling Uprising, Barnabus and his younger brother Coheed Jones were forced to live on the streets of a city in ruins. Once a grand center of trade and scholarship, one of the gems of the Tiefling Empire, the city was the first target of the Imperial Forces as the civil war began. After its destruction, the city was abandoned by most of its populace and would serve as a painful reminder of the consequences of crossing the Empire.

The Jones family was a noble family, and Barnabus and Coheed were princes in their own right. However, after their parents and the city fell, they were reduced to common beggars and scavengers. For many years, they refused to abandon their home, seeking shelter in the catacombs of the sacked temples. Barnabus adapted, striving to join the new Kathmandan Guard to protect what was left of his home. Coheed, however, grew more and more bitter. Barnabus' application to the Guard only increased Coheed's hate. Eventually, it was more than Coheed could bear. Before Barnabus could stop him, Coheed, not even a fully recognized adult, stowed away on a boat bound for the Western colonies of Ashan.

Barnabus, alone, focused more on his studies and trained to be a soldier in the Kathmandan Imperial Division. Upon his acceptance, he began his training in the field. Patrols, sparring, and shadowing other guards on the job gave him a new insight into the guard. What he found, he didn't like. Barnabus was not the greatest soldier, and his status as a tiefling only made things all the more difficult for him. He was a prince, and now he was treated like scum off the street. Barnabus swallowed his pride, but it still stung, and he felt his anger grow with each passing day. As he joined guards on patrol in the streets, he was finally able to start his life protecting others. His mother and father had taught him the importance of justice, maintaining it for the sake of maintaining the balance of society. Each would be ensured to get their own, no more and no less. Yet, the guard in no way did this. It only took a few weeks for Barnabus to see the corruption of the Kathmandan Guard. People in the streets did not look up to him in admiration, but in fear and disgust. They saw a tiefling who had betrayed his own, and Barnabus saw just how much the Empire had wronged his people.

In despair, he left the guard and returned to the ruins of his home. There, in the depths of the old palace, Barnabus found himself surrounded by shadow. A voice called out to him, offering him a choice. Barnabus sought justice, and the shadows offered him a chance to obtain it. Guards, armies, and violence brought corruption. But from the shadows, true justice could be achieved. Barnabus agreed, and from the darkness a weasel emerged, tendrils of shadow extending from its body. This weasel, Clyde, would become Barnabus' partner, and the two would find a way to restore Kathmandu to what it was.

But first, he would need to find his brother. Departing from Kathmandu, Barnabus made way for Ashen. There in the city of Goothum, he encountered a young aspiring dentist. After the dentist helped him with a tooth ache, Barnabus returned the favour by helping him escape the city and the loan sharks and guards that were after him.

Since then, Barnabus and the dentist-turned-rogue, Dr Leto Lumos Light, had traveled across Ashen. Leto sought adventure and gold, while Barnabus sought to use his power to right the wrongs that plagued these colonies and to find his brother.

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