Astraea Allbright
"Greetings savages! I am your Glorious Monarch! I have come to make peace with your under-developed, barbarous group."

Born: 1648 (Age 16)
Diety: Erathis
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Born as Astraea Allbright, The Glorious Monarch showed the promise to become a well-respected noble. Her father was an Irishman, and a beloved Marquess. Despite her being a woman, he had already decided that she would succeed him and inherit his land.

This angered a great many of his townspeople. Some were in strong favor of a female ruler, while others found the thought revolting. The people were divided, and public relations became tense.

At age 14, frustrated with the simultaneous pandering and heckling of the townspeople, Astraea swore to herself that she herself would be more that just the Marquise, she would be the King, and completely abolish the status quo. The thought pushed the town’s reformists over the edge, and civil war broke out. Astraea took it upon herself to contain this outbreak, and marched into the streets wearing a coat of splint mail and dragging behind her a hammer too heavy to lift.

The stunned townsfolk didn’t know how to react when she set upon them, aggressing violently with low sweeps of the hammer. Many were too fearful of shedding the blood of a noble, and simply retreated, but one of them was determined to end Astraea’s life before she could corrupt the political hierarchy.

He wrestled the weapon out of Astraea’s hands, and swung furiously at her head. The head of the hammer glanced off her helmet, and the town guard showed up before the man could kill her, but the damage had been done. Suffering severe head trauma, Astraea’s mind became muddled. Her thoughts weren’t as clear as they once were, and even more doubt was raised as to whether she could ever be fit for a position of leadership.

The Marquess was heartbroken at the loss of his daughter’s mind, and put to rest any thoughts of having her succeed the throne. Instead, he willed his land off to his firstborn son. Astraea was left to live out the rest of her pathetic existence in intensive care within the castle.

It was a year before Astraea’s mind rebuilt itself. Slowly but surely she realized what had happened, enough for her to realize the public’s opinion of her. Now more determined and headstrong than ever, she ran away from home to pursue her dream of becoming King.

She traveled by herself, hunted her own food, and survived each day more by determination than by intellect, and eventually grew strong enough to fend for herself. Her sense of purpose greatly outmatched her sense of direction, however, and her attempts to travel to the country’s capital were pathetic at best. She spent the next year bumbling around the countryside, causing havoc wherever she went, and insisting that people refer to her as “The Glorious Monarch.”

On one fateful day, while she was hunting, Astraea was knocked unconscious, and her prized hat was stolen. She awoke to find a new companion, an Elf named Tracker. (Events of “Her Majesty’s Secret Service” begin here)


Following the events of Her Majesty's Secret Service, Astraea had finally regained her sanity. This was clarity short-lived, however, as she and the other members of her party martyred themselves to save an island floating in the elemental chaos. She has left a plea to the island's residents to send word of her heroics back to her father in Golden Valley.

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