Artemis Entwistle
"Men follow their hearts, they pursue excitement, they look for action and a cause worth fighting for. Me? I simply follow the stories."

Born: 1211 (age 40)
Theme Song


Artemis was born in Okolona, from a family of two alchemists. Being alchemists, and being Tieflings, they were often discriminated against. In his early years, Artemis tried to fight back against the children of the neighborhood, who would pelt him with rocks and get into fistfights with him, but he soon found that he gained much more satisfaction from taking the moral high ground and refusing to fight back even if it meant severe pain for himself.

He is a little bit uptight, and very organized. He likes to have a plan or schedule before doing anything, but can usually manage without. (Albeit with much complaining.)

He has deemed himself a gentleman, believing in honor, fairness, and civility. The quickest way to anger him to to question his civility, or to call him barbaric. He gets frustrated easily by those who refuse to listen, and will argue passionately.

His eyes are solid orbs of white, his skin is a dark red tone, and his horns have a slight curl in them at the tips. His outfit of choice involves slicked back hair, a waistcoat, a vibrant red tie, and an ornately detailed pocketwatch. He has a strange tattoo on his left shoulder. It has been there as long as he can remember.

In his early adolescence, Artemis dabbled in many things. He himself was an adventurer, and an eccentric and brilliant one at that. A master artificer and alchemist, but also an opium abuser, Artemis lived hard and fast, until an earth shattering event brought his adventuring days to a close. He doesn't like to talk about it, but at times a name slips through. In his various stupors, the name "Yolanda" would occasionally find its way from his lips, in a tone of stark admiration and affection.

Several weeks of rehab later, Artemis found a job as a paperboy at the Goothonian Times, and that became his workplace for many years. In time, he became a well respected journalist.

The Tiki Company's Arrival

Artemis is a private investigator/journalist working for the Goothonian Times. He travels from town to town with his donkey-drawn cart, in search of a story. The Tiki Company often meets him for an interview after a heroic deed has been done.

More recently, he has been working with Tibles of the Blue Leaf Clan to track down the hired assassin known as Alexis Machine. They are working in secret out of the basement of the Dusty Drink Pub in Almernae, which is owned by Kiana Alan.

Coheed's Demise

Artemis had done some research into the Jones family after learning of Wilward, and began to suspect he belonged to this infernal bloodline, due to the strange tattoo on his shoulder. He traveled to North Crescent Isle after developing a cure for the peculiar strain of Lycanthropy in Golden Valley, and paid his respects to his late blood-father, Coheed Jones. He has since published an epic story about the victory of The Tiki Company.

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