Anya de Sani

Born: 1233 (Age 18)
Race: Suli-jann
Class: Ranger
Theme Song

For once, it might be grand to have someone understand, I want so much more than they've got planned. Like plundering. No one ever works in enough plundering.


Monsieur Francois and Madam Edith de Sani did their best, but Anya had always been… special. In the five-family mountain thorp of Leaucher, a genie child is not a common or welcomed occurrence. The ninth, and last child of the de Sani's (presumably Madam had some explaining to do) was odd from the beginning, and never fit into her parent's plans. Anya grew up in the shadow of the Northside Mountains, and the even larger shadow of Expectation.

The de Sani's are the poshest family in the thorp, and as such have certain responsibilities. A reputation to uphold. The family water purification enterprise provides clean, wholesomely enchanted beverages for the island, and every able body has duties to fulfill. Each day happily tuned to the turning of the water wheel and sloshing of sluices, each daughter and each son cheerfully matched with a neighbor's corresponding offspring. There are fresh breezes, easy chatter, and a comfortable, stifling bustle.

Then came Anya. She is a girl of otherworldly beauty, gifted with an unsettling affinity for the natural elements, but she just didn't get it. Worse than her dubious heritage and anomalous appearance, Anya was oblivious to the attentions of her betrothed, Felipe, and regularly shirked chores to play with her animal companions. So came the dance lessons. The music lessons. The… the… etiquette lessons. But, no amount of culture could beat her wild impulsiveness into submission.

Rumours and prejudices sprung like fungi around Anya, and she became increasingly petulant and unpredictable with the passing, confining years. Finally, at the age of twelve, Anya's frustrations burst forth in a storm of elemental fury, and she methodically maimed every person in the thorp who had ever interfered with her frolicing. Peace at last.

With none daring to stop her, and just bursting to explore the wonders of the wide world, Mademoiselle de Sani scooped up her current nursing project, the faithful otter Fenwicke, and sauntered down the mountainside.

From then on, Anya travelled. She explored the cities of Falodun, Yaanov, Riverbend and Artorshade, where she bounced between gangs and shady street shows, leaving angry ring leaders and wanted posters in her wake. Fed up being beholden to the protection of avaricious, controlling figures, Anya made a final break and struck for the wilds, ranging briefly with travelling bandits before settling in to stalk the Gomezian mountains, and pick off travellers who lacked respect for the fragile alpine ecosystem.

Slowly, painfully, Anya began to acquire the skills of a ranger. She learned the ways from both sides of a blade, from the dark edges and occasionally the warm glow of shared campfire light. However, only so much lore and gore can be accumulated on one's own, and in the motley partnership of a cantankerous alchemist and mysterious tattooed woman, Anya de Sani may have finally found both family and freedom together.

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