Allister Taiven
"A quiet mild mannered shifter who, at the sight of blood, fills with a blood lust only quenchable by the act of tearing his enemy apart limb from limb"


Allister was born of a poor seamstress and an drunkard shipwright. at birth his mother was disgusted by his hairy body and fangs, unsure of why her child was like this, she left him in a back alley. freezing and near death he was saved by a stray dog. who kept him alive with the scraps she could collect. As a small child Allister was ostracized and eve flogged by the local boys, but these horrible acts didn’t break the boys gentile spirit. these acts kept Allister vigilant, smart and strong. by the age of 18 he had a hardened body, and mind, he slowly moved his way up rather ruthlessly as a merchant. by 30 he was quite well off, and began to travel, to find those who would attempt hurt the less fortunate and deal with the in a less than orthodox method…..he is now traveling with the black dragon co, under the command and watchful eye Wilward, and with the sword of Claire in the small of his back, he will attempt to do what he did as a merchant, make his way to the top of the pile however he can.

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