The Thief, the Monk, and the Holy Man

Year: 1246

A_Ornate.png band of comrades formed by sheer luck; a Monk who resided in the Gomezian mountains, a Thief who roamed the streets of Gootham, and a holy man bent on preserving the natural world.

Gustaf and Baztok me on the streets of Gootham, and after being arrested, aided Claudio in breaking free of Prison. After that, they fled Gootham and sought adventure elsewhere.

Their travels have led them all across Ashan, solving mysteries and doing good deeds. To this day they continue to roam, always ready to take on a new challenge.

Current members

Baztok Huin Shuin Leejuin
The Racist Monk
Claudio Jones
The Pickpocket Warlock
Gustaf Bjorn Lyngstrad
The Warrior Hippie
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