The Tiki Company
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T-Ornate.pnghe Tiki Company is a legendary band of heroes; A dysfunctional group of misfits; A proud party determined to exterminate evil, among other antics. They used to own a Pub in the small town of Artorshade, but it was destroyed by a power-hungry Necromancer. Now they've taken up the lives of professional adventurers.

Two years after the battle between Lavanda and Bishk, and The Tiki Company's defeat of Captain Krogan, evil looms on the horizon once more, and they must gather their forces and solve the mystery of the assassin, Alexis Machine.

Current Members Former/Deceased Members
mersh.jpg Mersh
The Prince Slayer
moira.jpg Moira Magee
The Silver-Tongued Wanderer
Peregrine.jpg Peregrine Toque
The Stone-Willed Halfling
Buck_Thumbnail.jpg Richard J Buckles
The Yantar War Veteran
Tibles.png Tibles Of The Blue Leaf Clan
The Wandering Wizard
Albion.jpg Albion Halberg
The Oread Pit-fighter
belarin.jpg Belarin Vladislaus
The Despot of Ontas
Boris.png Boris Hans Gruber
The Manly Barbarian Goliath
Duran.jpg Duran Duran
The Dwarven Weapon Master
Marcellius.png Marcellius
The Fallen Cleric
602fa878-b1be-4208-82a8-db6f21421238.jpg Teresa Keynes
The Diplomatic Bard
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