The Architect

Year: 1251 (Varies)

The Architect is an unknown entity. Perhaps he is a mortal man, perhaps a divine servant, or perhaps a god himself.

He is a visionary. He desires to tear down corruption where he sees it, and build a new, better world. However, his power is limited. This is why he employs agents of change. Anyone he deems fit for a job is sent a mysterious letter, containing a formal summons and instructions, and a mysterious and unfamiliar coin.

As soon as the recipient touches the coin, they seem to teleport to some other place, at some other time. In reality, this is not so. Touching the coin is a trigger. Once it is touched, the user can read the full message with instructions, and make their way to the architect's meeting place. Here, they agree in writing to have their memories after touching the coin erased. Because of this, nobody has seen the architect's face, or witnessed his ways of ferrying people around.

A task is laid out for the party summoned, and, should they succeed, they will be rewarded with great treasures. Not monetary treasures as a more pedestrian employer would bestow, but treasures of sentimental value. The Architect seems to have a supernatural gift for learning a person's deepest desire, and realizing it.

Agents of The Architect tend not to speak of their employer. They all carry his coin, should they need to answer his summons again. So great are his rewards that nobody has ever refused work from The Architect.

What this means

This is the general structure of the scenarios that we run through when not all players can make it to a main campaign, we want to playtest new characters, or we just want to have an adventure that can be contained in one session. Players bring characters of around the same level, form a party, have an adventure, and then disband. It's a canonical way to mix and match characters, and get a D&D fix.

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