Mist, Eeries and Morrigans

Year: 1000

In the auspicious year of 1000 CE, magic in the land of Ashan has begun to go awry. Channels of arcane energy flowing across the land seem to have shifted, causing spell and magic items to become wildly unpredictable. The Wizards of Ashan Guild suspect a new and radical sect of druids on Jago island are tampering with these magical "Ley Lines"; channeling the energy for their own use.

The Wizards Guild needs this sorted quickly, before the magical underpinnings of Ashan begin to come apart at the seams. To not alarm the populace, or alert the powerful priestesses of Jago Island, they are holding a secret competition in Oklaona for a band of adventurers they will sponsor to go and put a stop to the druids' ill-fated meddling. How they expected anyone to hear of the auditions is unclear, but publicity is bard's business anyhow.

Nevertheless, the news got out, the promise of a generous reward, treasure, glory, or just a genuine desire to do good has attracted all sorts.

This intrepid group was late to the party, and they must win the favour of the wealthy Wizard's guild through a contest of wits, charm or strength — that or take matters into their own hands.

Across the strait, an occult land suffused with mist and thick with mysteries awaits. To solve this puzzle and bring magic back into alignment, the adventurers will encounter strange creatures and stranger people, journey through maze-like forests and even, perhaps, earn a glimpse of their fate.

Current members

Barnabus Jones
Seeker of Justice
Dr. Leto Lumos Light
The Destitute Dentist
Queen of Masks
The Janitor
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