Freedom Fighters

Year: Distant Future

F_Ornate.pngreedom City, a typical American city in 1995, was once a peaceful place. That is, until one day, when some kind of contagion or supernatural aura was released onto the unsuspecting public. This “disease” left all who were infected rotting, brain-hungry, and undead. In other words, Freedom City had become Zombie Central.

However, not all of Freedom City’s population have been infected and zombie-fied. Those who remain, the “Freedom Fighters” as it were, are the only ones left to unravel the mystery of what happened to their beloved city and how to put it right. The core of the Fighters are a group of teenagers, who awoke one morning from a night of gaming to find the city in its undead state.

These awkward teens have embarked on a mission to rescue as many survivors as they can and take them all to a safehouse (which they have yet to find). But first, they have to survive long enough to find the others…

Party members

Rufio Willis

The Marine Wannabe
Played by Time_Tiki

Not many kids can say they know exactly what they want to be when they grow up and mean it. Rufio, however, is a special case. Ever since he was little, Rufio dreamed of becoming a marine for the United States Military. His father, Howard Willis, a decorated war hero, has been Rufio's inspiration and role model for as long as he can remember. His only goal has been to make his dream a reality, so, starting at the tender age of 9, Rufio began his personal training to make himself fit for duty.

Growing up in a stable family (the only one stable amongst his friends, Andy and Milo), Rufio became strong and strategic, making his father proud. Andy Green, his best friend, became a brother to him in all but name, he had made a new friend in the mysterious Milo Lovell, and he was quite popular at school. Life was good. Or it was until his 14th birthday. While driving home from an awesome birthday party, there was an accident. His father was driving, it was dark and raining. Visibility was low, and they never saw the other car turning around the corner. Howard managed to get out unscathed, thanks to the car's airbag. Rufio, however, was not so fortunate.

The passenger side's airbag had malfunctioned, and when Rufio woke up in the hospital a few days later, he was met with a grim sight that trashed his dreams of military glory. His right leg had been all but destroyed in the accident and the doctors had no choice but to amputate. They told him that with a prosthetic leg, Rufio would never be able to be a marine. Worse yet, because of his fake leg (white fake leg), Rufio became a complete outcast at school. Rufio's a stubborn guy though; he refuses to give up his dream and is determined to one day become a military hero like his father before him. In a sick twist of fate, the zombie apocalypse that plagues Freedom City may give him that chance to fight alongside the Freedom Fighters and save everyone.

Andy Green

The Delinquent
Played by Sexy_Tiki

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Milo Lovell

The Cyber Criminal
Played by Curlybrackets

Born in the British Isles Milo grew up as any other child does, with two slightly deranged parents and a boat load of secrets. As the years drove on these aspects became exasperated and eventually broke the family up. Milo’s father wanted to leave the UK for the promising land of Freedom City and Milo’s mother wanted to stay where they were. In the end his father ended up taking custody and moving them to Freedom City leaving Milo’s mother behind. Neither have seen or heard of her since. This is also when things started going downhill. Upon arrival in their new home, absolutely nothing happened.

Milo’s father never has found a stable occupation and has become increasingly intoxicated. Allowing the house and Milo to fall into extreme neglect over the last decade. With the increased neglect Milo has gone on his own path of downing whatever the hell he wants, which mostly lies in the fields of cracking into various companies computer systems wearing a both black and white hat; in essence hacking in order to gain things through illegal means, and being hired to crack into system to test a companies security. Though he mostly works as the former.

With this Milo has been a social outcast for most of his school career and has thusly found himself with some quite “interesting” people. Now shit happens and we’re in a diner!

Sergeant Max Rosewood

The Dutiful Officer
Played by Crazy_Tiki

Born and raised with a mother who was a teacher and a father who is a war veteran. He spend most of his time, helping out with the farm and hoping to be like his father, to server the country for a good cause. It was until he was old enough to join the army, his father told him not to, and shared his life stories that he never shared before. As him and his father became closer and Rosewood took up volunteering as a highway patrol officer.

As he got promoted and a job was given to him as border patrol officer, he accepted and met a journalist, who he married and who gave birth to a daughter. As years passed, he gets the news that his father had a stoke and is in a coma. Because of the sad news, he drove his family to the city hospital. Driving under the influence, he got into a car crash that killed his wife and daughter, and left Rosewood suffering huge brain damage and never breakdown. While he was sentenced for 6 months of jail time. His father passed away. As he enrolled as a police officer and made his ranks, with still all this in his heart, he can only take pills to slow the pain down and not remember the horrible night he killed his family.

Rescued Members

Lucy Lynch

The First Survivor

Lucy Lynch’s father had broken up with her mother as soon as he learned of her pregnancy. Her mother decided to go through with it and support the child on her own. Times were hard. She didn’t have stable income, and often wasn’t able to adequately take care of her daughter. Lucy herself wasn’t exceptionally bright or talented or hardworking. As her mother became a flagrant alcoholic, Lucy worked several part time jobs and pulled mediocre grades in school. When she finally moved out, she tried to completely sever her ties with her mother. She got a job as a construction worker, and a run-down apartment, and lived entirely on her own.

For her entire life, Lucy had expected the worst, and as such, she developed a fascination with preparing for it. She bought canned food, survival tools, took self defense courses, and always expected disaster. When apocalypse struck, she was ready. She rescued Milo from a horde of zombies, and has tagged along with the group ever since.

Hank Howard

The Friendly Fisherman

Hank Howard is an old recluse of a fisherman who works at the Bass Pro Shop on the west end of Freedom City. His parents have long since passed away, and he doesn’t stay in touch with his extended family, nor has he ever married. He is a true wilderness man, and he finds true happiness in fishing and hunting and camping.

When the Zombies emerged, he took it upon himself to give supplies and weapons to any survivors who came by his store. Hank was certain that he would die within the next couple days, so he decided that he’d spend the last moments of his life helping anyone he met. Then he could die happy.

But at the last moment, just as he was about to close up shop for good, a group of survivors showed up on his doorstep. After he helped them out, they told him of their plans to secure a bunker in the forest. They offered to take Hank with them, and he has been doing his best to help them ever since.

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