The Black Dragon Company

Year: 1249-1251

F_Ornate.pngormed by the infamous Wilward Jones, The Black Dragon Company is a group of shady acquaintances who hold a lot of power; political, arcane, and physical. The group consists of Wilward Jones, a cunning and conniving businessman; Clare Trannyth, a bloodthirsty and powerful swordswoman; Winfrey Airalin, a naive and disturbed rogue from Lavanda; and Allister Taiven, a hardened and independent shifter merchant.

On a quest for treasure, the company was led to the lost city of Ha-Mun-Ra. There, they nearly met their end, but managed to pull through and seal away the ancient evil dwelling within, as well as reap the wealth of the great city.

They once ran a Pub in the town of Noryn, but it was leveled by the minions of a powerful archangel named Ardeth Vay. They have since set up shop in the port-city of Nailo Harbor. Now, new trouble is brewing on their horizon, as their actions and prowess are being harnessed by a mysterious stranger who refers to himself only as Lord Varsuviux.

As death’s presence is felt eerily close by, the Black Dragon Company must now choose to obey or rebel, the latter a possible road to their demise…

Current members

Allister Taiven
The Orange Salesman
Clare Trannyth
The War Maiden
Wilward Jones
The Infamous Bard
Winfrey Airalin
The Naive Rogue

Temporary Members

Gilder Daccat
The Robin Hood of the Seas
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