A Spoonful Of Sugar

Year: 1239

F_Ornate.pngormerly a successful criminal brigade - a troop of master armed robbers, this company now finds itself penniless and hungry in the desert wastes of Almernae. They're quickly offered a job getting to the bottom of some peculiar local affairs, and find themselves wrapped up in something they really didn't want any part in.

Now the group's fate is tied to the town, or vice versa. People are disappearing, and just about everyone is a suspect. From the good doctor Helo to the orphans looked after by Ambellina to the shut-in junkie Artemis Entwistle. Even with the wiles of Crowley, the naive and morally footloose strength of Anya, and the seductive charms of Samura, they've got quite an ordeal ahead of them.

Two months after those events, they journeyed to the abandoned town of Nova Tunga to find the Lamp of Lore, and claim the bounty that the temple of Yolana had placed on the artifact.

Current members

Anya de Sani
The Cute Brute
Dr. Leonard Crowley
The Capricious Schemer
The Child of Desire
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