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Welcome to the Feramorrah Wiki! This is a compendium of information for our Pathfinder campaigns and settings. We are a small group of players located in Calgary, Alberta, and have been playing for several years, over the course of which we have slayed dragons, explored dungeons, saved cities, and made an unhealthy abundance of distasteful jokes. Our group is small, but we've drowned ourselves in lore, and needed a place to store it all.

Feramorrah is a fantasy world. It grows larger every year, but as of yet, all the action has taken place on three major continents: Ashan, Lavanda, and Aetheria. Our chronicles started in Northern Ashan, in the small town of Artorshade, when The Tiki Company was founded.

Since then, several side campaigns have sprung up, starting with The Black Dragon Company, and expanding from there. We have also experimented with other game systems, such as with our D20 Modern campaign, Freedom Fighters.

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